Your Secret Weapon for Duodenoscope Sterilization

SteriTite Universal Sealed Containers

Validated and versatile

Endoscope processing remains on the ECRI Top Ten list of heath care hazards; improper processing has resulted in drug-resistant infections and even death. For years, the health care industry has wrestled with the appropriate response to inadequate endoscope processing. Case Medical has partnered with TS03 and manufacturers of other low temperature sterilizers to meet their claims for processing the most challenging and complex devices, including the Olympus® Duodenoscope TJF-Q180V.

Validated for duodenoscope sterilization

SteriTite Container and BasketSteriTite® containers with MediTray® baskets and inserts are an excellent choice for many reasons, including instrument protection, organization, and sterility maintenance. An additional benefit, however, hits at the heart of Sterile Processing’s mission—keeping patients safe. With validation studies (under half cycle conditions) for sterilizing duodenoscopes in the STERIZONE® VP4 Sterilizer, Case Medical’s SteriTite containers are not only universal, they help you provide the highest standard of care for reprocessing duodenoscopes.

Versatile and long-lasting

Not all sealed containers are created equal. We’re proud that SteriTite containers are compatible with lumens and temperature sensitive devices. They feature anodized surface treatment for corrosion resistance, so they serve a long useful life. They provide the unique flexibility of 510k clearance for 5- to 8-minute dry time for terminal sterilization with pre-vac steam sterilization.  And now there is validation that the SteriTite containers can effectively be used to process duodenoscopes, the most challenging to sterilize flexible endoscopes.

SteriTite universal containers are ideal for standardization; developed for organization, protection, and sterilization of surgical devices; and independently validated and FDA 510k cleared for every current method of sterilization. SteriTite containers meet manufacturers’ claims for device compatibility. 

Contact your Case Medical Sales Representative or the Case Medical main office for help selecting the right SteriTite containers and MediTray customization options for all of your needs, including flexible endoscopes.