Why sustainability matters more than ever

Sustainability & the Environment

With lessons for COVID-19 and beyond

Proud Member of ASBC logoCase Medical is pleased to announce that we’ve joined the American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC), further demonstrating our commitment to conducting business in an economically, ethically, and environmentally sustainable manner. In advocating for a sustainable economy, the ASBC and its members commit to making the economy productive, resilient, competitive, and equitable for businesses and their communities.

This membership supports our mission to improve the quality of the healthcare system and the health of patients and communities: by selecting the safest ingredients, manufacturing high-quality products, reducing waste, and advocating for sustainable practices. For the many healthcare facilities with active sustainability initiatives, we want you to know that Case Medical can help you meet your goals.

Commitment to sustainability

IISaferChoice_DfE_RGB-1The Case Medical commitment to sustainability is not new; it has been an intrinsic part of our value system from day one. Beginning with investments in energy savings devices, mandatory recycling of materials, and a water treatment center for safe disposal of residuals, we have also engaged and collaborated with governmental, industrial, and healthcare entities and programs. One of the most significant is the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Safer Choice Program.

SuperNova DetergentThe SuperNova® and Case Solutions® cleaners and lubricant carry the US EPA Safer Choice label—the only surgical instrument care product line with the designation—and Case Medical is a three-time Safer Choice Partner of the Year honoree. In 2019, Case Medical was named a “Frontrunner” in the Chemical Footprint Product survey report. We contributed to the Sustainability Roadmap for Hospitals development of step-by-step performance improvement measures (PIMs) to help healthcare teams propose, justify, and implement sustainable, cost-saving programs for reusable rigid sterilization containers and cleaning with multi-enzymatic cleaning solutions.

Sustainability and COVID-19

rainforest verticalSustainability efforts (or lack thereof) will be a major factor in the emergence of the world’s next viral pathogen, according to a multidisciplinary group of epidemiologists, wildlife disease biologists, conservation practitioners, ecologists and economists. They identified destruction of tropical forests and the wildlife trade as two contributors to the rise of novel pathogens. The activities are recognized threats to wildlife, natural habitats, and biodiversity, which is critical to research into plant-derived treatments for a broad range of diseases. 

Take the next steps

Sustainability and Cost SavingsNeed help getting started? The PIMs mentioned above are a great resource for scoping a project and building a project plan to convert to reusable rigid containers or implement safer instrument care chemistries. For sterilization containers or cleaning chemistries, Case Medical can also create a cost comparison analysis, with side-by-side views of your current solution vs the Case Medical solution. More often than not, we can find solutions that save you time and money. Learn more about options for a custom cost comparison analysis.