We've All Heard it Before: If it's Not Clean, it's Not Sterile

Unfortunately, many surgical instruments go through the cleaning process without getting thoroughly clean. How do you ensure that your cleaning equipment is working properly? Or that the detergent you're using is effective? Without knowing these answers, how can you guarantee that your surgical devices are safe for patient care?

It is critical to monitor the effectiveness of your cleaning process. In fact, AAMI recommends at least weekly testing to ensure that cleaning is effective. There are various wash indicators and tests on the market; some for automated washers, others for the sonic. Most with simulated soil; one with blood products and fibrinogen, most on plastic substrates, which can be easily rubbed or rinsed off. Only Case Medical provides a one stop solution to test automated washers, ultrasonic cleaners, and long term soaking, the Case Soil Indicator.

Unlike other test coupons, Case Soil Indicators go beyond the use of chemicals and synthetic materials by simulating used surgical devices. Case Soil Indicator is a stainless­steel coupon containing a cocktail of sterile blood components, proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates ­ representative of bioburden, organic soils and tissue commonly found on used devices.

Case Soil Indicators are ideal for weekly or everyday use to:

  • Monitor and prevent infection
  • Monitor effectiveness of your equipment
  • Monitor effectiveness of soaking
  • Meet Joint Commission requirements for routine testing of product and process

Contact Case Medical today to ensure your current cleaning process is effective.