True Stories of Safer Cleaning

Looking up at tall trees Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash

Good news for patients, staff, and the environment

Case-Solutions-Instrument-Chemistries-Family-1One of our favorite stories around the Case Medical offices is related to a customer’s process improvement initiative with our Case Solutions® instrument chemistries. This facility was implementing our US EPA Safer Choice awarded cleaning and lubricant products as a solution to their goal to improve the overall sustainability of their department.

Within just days, an unexpected benefit came to light—a woman in the decontamination area was headache free for the first time in memory after experiencing daily headaches using the previous brand of cleaning products. Clearly this woman benefited—as did the other staff who no longer were exposed to problematic chemicals in their daily work.

Formulated with the safest ingredients

IISaferChoice_DfE_RGB-1Not all instrument cleaning and care products are the same. Although some make this claim, it is important to dig deeper. One clear indicator is the US EPA Safer Choice logo. Safer Choice awarded products use only the safest ingredients in their class. Case Solutions® and SuperNova® cleaners and lubricant are the one and only line of instrument care and cleaning products to carry this designation. Used for both manual and automated reprocessing of surgical devices, they are colorless, fragrance free, free rinsing, biodegradable, non-hazardous, and may be released directly into the wastewater system.

This distinction shows that Case Medical addresses healthcare facilities’ sustainability goals and reflects our deep support for EPA’s mission to reduce waste, eliminate toxic emissions, and offer only sustainable products for our children and for future generations.

Compatibility and pH neutral cleaners

Consider this statement from ANSI/AAMI ST79 section 7.6.3:

“The cleaning agent should a) be compatible with the medical device or container system to be cleaned as well as with the materials used in the cleaning equipment itself;…”

We know that cleaners that are not pH neutral can lead to a range of detrimental effects:

  • Compromise the passive layer of instruments and medical devices
  • Lead to pitting, staining, and rusting
  • Cause colored anodized devices to bleach, fade, and discolor
  • Pose a safety hazard to patients and staff
  • Over time, destroy medical devices

For all these reasons, facilities that are using caustic cleaning products should assess converting to pH neutral instrument chemistries. The Case Medical team has formulated an entire line of instrument chemistries to effectively clean medical devices while being responsible stewards of the environment and the safety of healthcare personnel. Contact us to learn more or set up an evaluation.