Top 3 Reasons to Use our Endoscopy Bedside Kit

Pre-cleaning can be quick and easy

Pre-cleaning flexible endoscopes is critical to successful cleaning and further reprocessing. And time is of the essence. Make it quick and easy to pre-clean immediately after the procedure at point of use with the Case Medical Endoscopy Bedside Kit. Each carton includes supplies for pre-cleaning 12 endoscopes—with a pack of three pre- moistened, disposable nonwoven Penta Wipes® multi-enzymatic wipes and a 250 ml bottle of low foam, multi-enzymatic PentaZyme® solution.

Here are the top three reasons to use this unique, convenient Endoscopy Bedside Kit.

  1. No more messy sponge and liquid spills
    Sponges and open containers or plastic bags filled with pre-cleaning solutions are prone to spills and leaks. The Case Medical Endoscopy Bedside Kit includes three individual Penta Wipes and a 250 ml bottle of PentaZyme solution.
    No muss, no fuss!
  1. Three fresh Penta Wipes prevent the spread of contamination
    When cleaning gross soil from the outside of the endoscope, Penta Wipes make it as easy as 1-2-3. Use one Penta Wipe to wipe from the clean end to the soiled end and discard. Repeat. Repeat. Because each wipe is used for only one pass, and not in a back and forth motion, contamination is not spread along the length of the endoscope.
  1. Enzymes start breaking down organic and inorganic soil immediately
    Enzymes are powerful allies in the fight against biofilm and bioburden. Immediately upon application (via the wipes on external surfaces and by suctioning the PentaZyme solution through internal channels), the multi-enzymatic solution goes to work to quickly loosen and dissolve organic and inorganic contaminants.

Carefully read and follow the instructions for use to ensure the best outcomes.