This one initiative can deliver big sustainability results

Sustainable Solutions

Choose safer, pH neutral cleaning chemistries

While there are many labels on cleaning products that say “green” or “environmentally safe,” some are created solely for marketing purposes, using misleading statements or imagery to suggest recognized standards. You can deliver a huge win for your facility’s sustainability program by aligning with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Safer Choice program and Case Medical instrument chemistries for surgical instrument care and maintenance.

IISaferChoice_DfE_RGB-1The Safer Choice program is uniquely established using the EPA’s rigorous scientific process to establish the safest ingredients in each class. Formulators can intentionally design safer products from the ground up using their published list of environmentally preferred ingredients in categories such as enzymes, surfactants, chelating agents, etc. The Safer Choice program also considers product performance, pH, packaging, and more to ensure that the products with the label are safer for people and the environment. Case Medical offers the only line of Safer Choice labeled lubricant and cleaning products for surgical instrument reprocessing.

A commitment to safety

Marcia Frieze, CEO Case MedicalOn December 9, 2019, Marcia Frieze, CEO of Case Medical, spoke on a panel at the Safer Choice Partner and Stakeholder Summit, held in conjunction with the Household and Commercial Products Association (HCPA) annual meeting. She explained how Case Medical became a partner with U.S. EPA under the Design for the Environment Program beginning in 2011, continued through the establishment of the Safer Choice label in 2015, and was awarded as Safer Choice Partner of the Year for our instrument cleaning chemistries three times over.

“Health care is a very competitive environment. Having the Safer Choice label gives our company a competitive advantage as our chemistries are certified based on facts and science,” Marcia Frieze shared.  “We proudly display the Safer Choice label because it is a symbol of our commitment to promote healthier hospitals and patients.”

Become part of the solution

The Safer Choice Summit provides an opportunity for manufacturers, formulators, and distributors to network, to better understand statutory requirements, and to more effectively promote the Safer Choice program and Safer Choice labeled products for the health and well-being of all consumers.

If you want to support best practices and sustainability for the benefit of your staff, your patients, and the environment, access the free guide from the Sustainability Roadmap for Hospitals.  To learn more about the Safer Choice program and what your facility can do to heal our planet visit the Case Medical website or go to the U.S. EPA Safer Choice site.