The Care and Handling of Medical Devices

Free CE-credited education

Whether as simple as a scalpel or as complex as a flexible endoscope or robotic surgical system, every surgical instrument owned by a healthcare facility represents an investment. And each investment requires appropriate care and maintenance to ensure a long, useful life.

Taking care of your first car

Think back to your first car. You probably learned some lessons from a family member or a friend, from a YouTube video, or from a hobbyist discussion board. You may also have learned a few lessons the hard way—perhaps running out of gas taught you not to ignore the “refuel” indicator?

Invest in your education

Here’s a chance to learn from a friend. Case Medical’s CE-credited self-study course on The Care and Handling of Medical Devices covers instrument care essentials along with how to reduce breakage and chemical damage, all while keeping yourself safe. The objectives for the course are as follows:

  • Review Spaulding’s classification for reprocessing decision making.
  • Learn how to identify and avoid instrument damage.
  • Understand how corrosion can affect the functionality of surgical devices.
  • Review handling and transport procedures for staff in instrument processing.

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