Smart Tray Customization Saves Time and Money

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Small changes for big gains with the MediTray® System

The recently announced bankruptcy of "fast fashion" powerhouse Forever 21 is part of a larger trend towards more thoughtful purchasing habits, buying fewer items of higher quality for simplification and sustainability. Learning to pass by the seemingly too good to be true deal to find the product that fully meets your needs will serve you better over a lifetime of use. That’s why Case Medical strives to produce high quality, long lasting products including the MediTray® customization system.

Quality-1Are you looking for ways to save both time and money? To creatively simplify your facility’s perioperative instrument management, consider these three case studies demonstrating “outside of the box” thinking.

Case #1: Smart Customization

One useful approach is standardization. Recently, a Children’s Hospital system ran into difficulty when their volume of Nuss procedures required some creative surgical set scheduling between two sister campuses. While willing and able to manage the exchange, they soon realized that contents of the set differed from one campus to the other, which left the surgeons to adapt to these minor, but unforeseen, variations. It was unanimously decided to standardize set contents and contact Case Medical for custom tray configurations to help optimize organization. With a dedicated location for each instrument, it’s now easy to identify and locate any missing item.

Case #2: Smart Protection

 YPA1033D13EA second consideration is instrument protection. Recently, a small hospital that is part of an IDN wanted to replace some old half size containers housing their eye sets with new SteriTite® containers from Case Medical. When our sales representative visited, he observed more than 30 instruments housed within that small space, creating risk for instrument damage. Using pictures of similar eye sets customized for other facilities, he recommended reconfiguration to better protect those delicate and expensive instruments and the customer selected a layout that worked for her needs. With a three-quarter sized container, the new configuration incorporated two stacked trays, insert boxes, and silicone brackets to secure and protect all instruments from future damage, thrilling both the SPD Manager and the OR coordinator. Based on previous studies, they can expect repair and sharpening savings of 25% or more.

 Case #3: Smart Design

We’ve shared this case study in the past, but it’s worth highlighting again. Virginia Mason Hospital took a “build-to-order” approach to reduce the volume of unused instruments being reprocessed over and over, bogging down the sterile processing department. By creating build to order sets based on a review of surgeons’ preferences and pick lists, they reduced processing and set-up time and increased efficiency. In just one example, reduction of unnecessary instruments resulted in significant time savings: 14 minutes of assembly time in SPD and 22 minutes of set-up time in the OR.

Insert_Tray_CustomizationAt Case Medical, we specialize in helping healthcare facilities improve organization and simplify their instrument layout using customized modular trays. We invented the first modular organization system 25 years ago based on our experience working to develop custom graphics trays made for other medical device companies. We applied what we learned about instrument protection and organization to design and patent a modular system to configure instrument sets for virtually any procedure. Now you can too. Contact us for ideas and support as you think outside the box and design the customized sets your surgical teams and your staff deserve. That’s just one way we can provide solutions that free up your time and budget.

Bonus: Smart Toolkit

Are you a tinkerer? We frequently meet customers who want the flexibility to adapt and reconfigure trays on the go. Perhaps this is a throwback to a youth of building with LEGO Sets, Erector Sets, or K’Nex Building Sets—we understand the appeal. We would like YOUR opinion: If Case Medical created a MediTray® customization toolkit with a variety of BackBone® Silicone Brackets and MediTray® Metal Brackets, Partitions, and Posts, would that be useful to you? What would you like to see? How would you use it? To share your thoughts, please leave a reply below.