Simplicity. Identify the Essential, Eliminate the Rest

Let's say you are running very late for an important meeting, when you realize your bag feels lighter than usual. What do you do?

A. Do you stop in your tracks, empty the entire contents of your bag and inventory everything on the floor to determine what is missing, then go back and get it?


B. Do you check to make sure you have what you need for the meeting and a couple of other essentials like your wallet and keys, then move forward so you are not late for your meeting?

If you are like most of us, the answer is "B" because under the circumstances, having what you need is more important than having everything.

Unfortunately, the simple logic we use to make everyday life easier is not always translated into the technologies we use to automate workflow. A good example of this disconnect can be found in some medical instrument tracking software.

At its core, instrument tracking software does a great job of counting and maintaining supply levels for expensive instruments. This software is also used to ensure that surgical sets in the operating room are complete. The problem arises when a missing item is recorded and an instrument set cannot be progressed because it is not 100% complete.

If the missing item is critical to the surgery, the software provides an important quality control function. However, if the progress is halted for an item that is not even on the surgeon's preference card or not a critical item that can easily be replaced, it can put the surgical case start time in jeopardy adding cost to the procedure and potential risk to patient safety.

At Case Medical we developed CaseTrak360®, our complete asset management system, to track complete sets rather than individual instruments. This means that missing instruments are flagged, but if it is not on the surgeon's preference card, the workflow can still progress through the cycle so surgery can start as planned.

Essentials are best for great success!

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