Show the Love for Your Colleagues

On Valentine's Day or any day

Walk into any store this time of year and displays are awash in pink and red offerings. While these tokens are nice and likely appreciated by your sweetheart, your colleagues, or your friends, they really represent “the least you can do.” If you’re worried that they’ll know it was a last minute thing, you’re probably right. It’s not too late! You still have time to make a gesture that communicates genuine forethought and appreciation. Here are a few ideas.

A heartfelt note

Handwritten notesBefore you hit back with “Okay, Boomer,” hear me out. A handwritten note on a pretty note card or even a slip of paper from the copier stands out the way an email never will. The physical texture of the paper, the suspense of the unfolding, and the personal nature of your unique handwriting all show you took time to chronicle your appreciation for the daily rewards and challenges of life in the SPD.


Deviled Eggs

We all need to eat, right? Yes, this is a no-brainer, but you can still stand out with a little extra thought. Is the carb-free trend big in your SPD? Consider dropping off a tray of deviled eggs or vegetables with guacamole for dipping. Even those not avoiding carbs will be thankful for a break from sugary treats. Do you have a homemade specialty? Anything you make yourself demonstrates that you’ll go the extra mile for the important people in your life.

A safer work environment

Case Safer Choice Solutions Instrument Cleaners and DetergentsThough perhaps not a traditional valentine, show you care about their health with Safer Choice labeled cleaners, made with U.S. EPA listed ingredients that are safe for people and the environment. No fragrances, no dyes, no acidic or caustic ingredients. Just the quality ingredients needed to get the job done, lift away soil, and rinse away cleanly. This one is a double win because your patients benefit, too.

This year, put your heart into your appreciation for those who are part of team caring for surgical patients. After all, they put their hearts into their contributions to patient safety day in and day out, every day of the year.

To all our friends, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

                                                                                          ❤️  The team at Case Medical