Safer and More Effective Pre-Cleaning of Flexible Endoscopes

Endoscope Reprocessing Top 10 Health Hazard

By now, most of us know that reprocessing of flexible endoscopes has maintained its position as one of the top 10 health hazards for the past ten years. Last year, number 1 and this year number 2, following cyber security. Improperly processed endoscopes have been the cause of disease transmission, even death, from patient to patient following routine procedures.

“Cleaning is the critical first step.” However, when it comes to endoscope reprocessing, there are many cleaning steps to follow and still questions about how safe these devices are to use. Flexible endoscopes are complex and have narrow, long channels that must be cleaned, suctioned, flushed, and rinsed before subsequent disinfection or sterilization.

Existing products on the market may contribute to inadequate pre-cleaning. Some have no enzymes at all to breakdown bio-burden and bio-film. Others contain sponges that drip and smear the soil from end-to-end of the scope. Some pre-cleaners contain a solution in a plastic bag for suctioning the endoscope, packaged along with the sponge with inadequate volume to clean the inner channels.

Case Medical is pleased to present our Endoscopy Bedside Kit, a ready to use Safer Choice Awarded instrument chemistry, pre-packaged in a bottle containing 250 ml of multi-enzymatic PentaZyme. The enzymatic solution contains pH neutral surfactants and active enzymes to break down protein, fats, carbohydrates, starches, and organic soil. No need to measure or dilute. Simply suction directly from the bottle containing the correct amount of cleaning agent for most applications. In addition, Case Medical’s endoscopy bedside kit includes packets of 3 single-use PentaWipes to be applied one at a time in succession from clean to dirty. This avoids further contamination and the 3 step wipe method ensures that the majority of the soil has been removed.

While endoscope reprocessing remains a challenge, Case Medical provides a pre-cleaning solution that may meet your needs and contribute to safer outcome. Contact us now to learn more about our Endoscopy Bedside Kit for use in procedure rooms.