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By sourcing your needs close to home

Logistics and Supply ChainFrom the earliest days of the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, the crisis has served as spotlight, highlighting aspects of the healthcare system that don’t measure up to these unprecedented challenges. One critical challenge revealed itself quickly: the “just in time” supply chain. We’re all aware of shortages of ventilators and PPE, including N95 respirators, and hand sanitizers. When it comes to building a more robust supply chain, look no further than Case Medical, your USA-based manufacturer of quality products for infection prevention and sterile processing.

Case Solutions Hand Sanitizer with Aloe and Vitamin EAs needs have arisen during this crisis, Case Medical has adapted. For instance, as spread of the virus continues, we still hear stories of shortages of basic—yet critical—supplies like alcohol, wipes, hand sanitizers, and face shields. In response, hand sanitizer and alcohol spray are now available as two of our newest products. Long lead times from overseas suppliers can hamper agility in supply management and disrupt smooth operation of your facility. Build a more resilient supply chain by working with suppliers that are based in the USA—like Case Medical.

Quality products for infection prevention

When you buy any of the quality products made by Case Medical you can be assured that your supply chain begins right here in the US of A! Born and raised in New Jersey, Case Medical is a quality-driven manufacturer, not a distributor, so you get infection prevention and sterile processing supplies straight from the source, cutting out the middleman.

IISaferChoice_DfE_RGB-1Case Medical manufactures all our U.S. EPA Safer Choice labeled instrument care and cleaning chemistries right here, under the Case Solutions and SuperNova brands. All our formulations are developed, blended, and bottled beginning with high purity reverse osmosis water and U.S. EPA Safer Choice listed ingredients. They’re safer for your staff and patients, safer for the environment.

Streamline, protect, and organize

We take the same care when manufacturing our line of SteriTite universally compatible containers, baskets, trays, and accessories, all made in our facility. From forming the Clean Instrument Setaircraft grade aluminum to meticulous final assembly, it all happens here in America. Care for the containers with our pH neutral U.S. EPA Safer Choice labeled chemistries, and our containers have been known to last ten years or more. The cleaning solutions can extend the life of your instruments, too.

Our SteriTite containers, baskets, trays and accessories are built to last. And if you do need a replacement product or have an emergent need, we have the flexibility to modify our production schedule to speed up delivery. How many other suppliers can say that?

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