Reduce Complexity with the Right Tools

Keep it Simple

Not having the proper tool for a job inevitably leads to frustration, and sometimes even to complete failure. Have you ever tried to scrape your frost-covered windshield with a gas station loyalty card? It’s a desperate move that you wouldn’t make if you had a better choice. Such as the correct tool (a windshield scraper). One can say the same when a wrong tool is selected for cleaning surgical devices. In the end, having the right tool can result in improved outcomes.

Reduce complexity to increase quality

In the Sterile Processing Department, doing your job requires a mind-boggling array of sterile processing tools to properly clean, disinfect, and sterilize a staggering number of surgical devices.

With patient safety (and worker safety) on this line, sterile processing teams look for ways to simplify, clarify, and standardize their processes. One way to simplify and make sure the right tools are at hand is to use product kits, for example instrument brush kits.

Selecting the right instrument brushes

When selecting instruments brushes, first and foremost you must review and understand the manufacturers’ instructions for use (IFUs) for the instruments you clean. Specific cleaning requirements, including the required brushes (type, size, material), will be described in detail.

When selecting brushes, there are small but significant differences that can affect performance and outcomes. For instance, Case Solutions® nylon bristle brushes feature a proprietary blunted tip to minimize the risk of punctures and a color coded bead that helps the user select the correct brush for the cannulated item.

Single use vs multiple use

Case Solutions brushes may be reused if disinfected or disposed of after use to minimize risk of cross-contamination. Single use brushes are necessary for flexible endoscope reprocessing.

Keep it simple buy the kit

For ease of use, consider these pre-configured brush kits. They provide an assortment ideal for the following types of instruments.

· General Surgery Brush Kit
· Micro/Eye Brush Kit
· Endoscopy Brush Kit

More brushes are available in packs of 12, including toothbrush-style, endoscope brushes, and double-ended brushes in a variety of sizes.