Quality Challenge

Quality Challenge!

If you have ever looked at our website you will notice that “Quality” is a major focus in everything we do. And if you look at competitors’ websites you will notice that we are not the only ones to make that claim. That is because quality is a powerful marketing claim that is easy to make but challenging to deliver.

At Case Medical, we welcome the challenge because quality is at the core of our products, services and interactions.

Our containers are designed for universal compatibility and manufactured from aircraft grade, anodized aluminum for years of safe, effective performance. Our EPA Safer Choice awarded chemistries are validated to be more effective in removing bio-burden, while being safer for patients, staff and the environment. Finally, our unique 360 degree system approach provides everything needed, including case carts, inventory tracking software and a customization program, to ensure all surgical procedures can start on-time and with all devices organized and safe to use. Most importantly, everything put through our system can be confidentially traced back to the patient on which it was used.

At Case Medical, “Quality” is more than just a claim on marketing materials. It is a raw ingredient in the products we sell. It is a standard of service we provide to customers and business partners. And most importantly, it is a commitment that we make to health care providers to support the standard of care that their patients depend on and deserve.