One more achievable sustainability initiative for your SPD

Free “Performance Improvement Measures” resources for your SPD

Last week we talked about the America Hospital Association (AHA) Sustainability Roadmap for Hospitals program, including the free “Performance Improvement Measures” resources, vendor-, product-, and service-provider neutral guidelines. In last week’s email and blog post, we shared the “performance improvement measure” (PIM) topic: Convert to Rigid Reusable Sterilization Containers. Read on to learn about another initiative that can help your SPD drive improvement.

Benefits for Cost, Quality, and Outcomes

Benefits can be realized on multiple measures, including cost, quality, and outcomes, all measures that speak to the goals of most healthcare facilities’ leadership teams. As a Sterile Processing Department, you can demonstrate sustainability gains with this next topic: Cleaning with Multi-Enzymatic Instrument Chemistries for Medical Device Reprocessing.

According to this PIM:

Use of multi-enzymatic cleaning solutions improve outcome, save money via greater efficacy and shorter cleaning time, eliminate caustic detergent chemicals and neutralizers, and improve the useful life of surgical instrumentation.1

Cost savings, better for your staff, longer instrument life. Win, win, and win.

Case Medical can help you create a plan

Case Medical offers a full line of instrument chemistries, including multi-enzymatic cleaners and cleaner concentrates, composed of only the safest ingredients in their class. Validated for effectiveness, they meet all requirements for environmental preference, including:

  •   biodegradable
  •   free rinsing
  •   readily dispersible
  •   free of toxic and hazardous chemicals

Contact your Case Medical sales representative or visit our website to learn more about options for sustainable solutions for instrument reprocessing.

1 Cleaning with Multi-Enzymatic Instrument Chemistries for Medical Device Reprocessing. Sustainability Roadmap for Hospitals, American Hospital Association website Accessed October 24, 2018.