Monitoring Your Cleaning Effectiveness


It is well known that cleaning is the critical first step in reprocessing of medical devices.  But, how do you know whether your devices are truly clean and safe for patient care and handling?  Case Medical offers cleaners that are validated, Safer Choice awarded, and developed for efficient and effective medical device reprocessing.  We don’t expect that you would simply take our word for it.  That is why we developed Case Soil® indicators representative of the types of soil commonly found on medical instruments to be placed within a holder representative of surgical trays you would normally place in your washer.

We are aware that there are products on the market to monitor cleaning effectiveness, but those are missing key components or simply too easy to pass. One has soil, but no blood products.  Another has blood products only.  Some are on plastic coupons and clear under running water.

What we realized is that any cleaning indicator needs to be representative of the various soils found on used devices.  That is why Case Soil is the most representative indicator for visual inspection and monitoring of cleaning efficacy in ultrasonic and automated washers, for enzymatic and non-enzymatic detergent effectiveness, and even soaking.

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