Monitoring, the Second Critical Step

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Monitoring, The Critical Second Step

Cleaning is the Critical First Step. Monitoring is the Second.

ANSI/AAMI ST79 and other guidance documents provide the rationale for routine monitoring. What used to be a weekly task has become a daily requirement.

Recognizing the importance of monitoring the cleaning process, Case Medical’s recently patented Case Soil® Wash Indicator is designed to check the efficacy of automated washers and ultrasonic cleaners, as well as the cleaning agents used, with a focus on the process of cleaning.

While other products on the market use plastic substrates and their soil sample may include blood only or other organic soils excluding blood, Case Soil Indicator is a stainless-steel coupon simulating soiled surgical tools. Our indicator has a defined area for inspection where a specific volume of sterile blood components, proteins, carbohydrates and fats representative of bodily fluids and tissue are applied.

The Case Soil Indicator creates a real challenge to the cleaning process by placing the coupon within a holder simulating a hinged surgical tray.

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Follow visual inspection with Case Medical’s Protein Detector to verify that any non-visible protein is truly gone.

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