Make Work Simpler with the Convenience of Kits

A Kit for Everything

Suddenly “kits” are everywhere.

As a group, the growth and popularity of subscription kits are predicted to continue into 2019 for product categories like clothing (Stich Fix and Trunk Club), food (HelloFresh, Blue Apron), personal care (Harry’s, Dollar Shave Club), and others.

Despite the wide variety of categories, the appeal of these kits have a number of things in common.

  • First, they are consolidated. An entire outfit in one box? Yes, please.
  • Second, they are proportional. Food kits for example, provide just the right amount of each ingredient for your meal.
  • Third, they are convenient. They can be shipped on a recurring basis, so you do not have to remember to place an order each and every time.
  • Fourth, they may even come with a bonus. As an incentive, kits frequently come with a free item that makes the entire kit economical as well as convenient.

Well, at Case Medical we know a good idea when we see one and challenged ourselves to come up with an offering that provided these same benefits to our customers. The result is a SteriTite® Single Use Consumables Kit that combines three essential products into one convenient package.

Each SteriTite Consumables Kit includes the following items:

  • Filters (3,000 round filters or 2,000 rectangular filters)
  • Load Cards (1,000)
  • Tamper Evident Seals (1,000)

When buying these items as a kit, you get the same types of benefits that are driving the kit craze in other categories.

  • Consolidation – By buying a kit, you know you will always have a good supply of each.
  • Proportionality – In our experience filters are consumed at a faster rate than the Indicators and Seals so we provide the proper ratio for balanced usage. That means a 3:1:1 ratio of round filters, and a 2:1:1 ratio for rectangular filters.
  • Convenience – When ordered as a kit, usage patterns are much easier to identify and timely reordering, or even auto-replenishment, becomes easier to establish.
  • Bonus – For a limited time, when you order a SteriTite Consumables Kit, you will receive a FREE “Biohazard” seal sample kit. These seals make it easy to identify biohazard items during transport.

So the next time you are tempted by one of the many, many kits being offered today, just remember that same convenience and value is available from Case Medical for your consumable needs as well. Contact your sales rep or our customer service specialists for more information.