Is "Busy" Getting in the Way of Safe?

Integrity Protects Patients from "I'm so busy"

Lately it seems “I’m so busy” is the new badge of honor. Over-scheduled and over-committed is the new normal. When people who are busy believe that “everything is important”, then, as the old adage goes, “nothing is important.” It’s time to reset and focus on doing the truly important things well, with integrity.

How does integrity fit into health care? Two things that come to mind are best practices and validated products. Case Medical provides only the highest quality, cost-effective products that are safe for patients, staff, and the environment.

Best practices

You work hard to follow best practices:

  • You understand and follow all applicable standards and guidelines
  • You have a sound understanding of all instrument and product IFUs
  • You know the policies and protocols for your facility

Have there been times when corners were cut to speed things up? Done with the best intentions, deviating from best practice means the patient may not get the high standard of care they deserve. The next time a matter of integrity presents itself, be the voice of the patient advocate.

Validated Products

Validated products—along with best practices—are a sure way to achieve better outcomes. Be engaged, understand the products you are using, know whether their performance has been independently validated.

Case Medical products enable healthcare facilities to achieve the holistic goals of the CQO movement.

“Cost, Quality and Outcomes”, established and championed by the Association for Health Care Resource & Materials Management (AHRMM).

SteriTite® Containers and Case Solutions®
Instrument Chemistries are validated in
independent laboratories for outstanding performance.


Focus on the important

Keep your perspective centered on integrity. How would you like someone to prepare instruments for your own or your loved one’s surgery? Remind yourself each day of the reasons and consequences of your work—it’s something to be proud of. And always speak up to make things better for all patients.