Is Alzheimer's Contagious?


Is Alzheimer's Contagious?

A recent study suggests that brain plaque buildup, a recognized characteristic of Alzheimer’s disease, may be “infectious” or transferred from patient to patient via proteins found on dirty medical instrumentation.

Full Article: Alzheimer’s Disease Proteins May Be Contagious and Spread Through Dirty Medical Tools

Although research on this topic is still underway, one thing is for certain – infectious prions and other pathogenic agents are found on used surgical tools. Without proper processing, including cleaning and rinsing, we may be responsible for transferring these infectious agents to healthy patients.

Cleaning is the first and most important step in the instrument reprocessing cycle and it is well known that a dirty instrument cannot be effectively sterilized. At Case Medical, we pride ourselves on having the most effective cleaning chemistries on the market. Not only are our Case Solutions and SuperNova cleaners validated and proven to work quicker than other cleaners on the market, they are also U.S. EPA Safer Choice awarded to be safer for staff, patients, and the environment.

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