Education, Communication, and Gaslighting

Case Medical joined our colleagues and customers in Phoenix this week at the IAHCSSM Annual Conference. We met many of you at our newly designed booth to showcase the importance of quality and safety. We conducted two educational programs one for managers and one for knowledge and fun. Both had CEU credits.

We held our Case Tank / Think Tank event where we introduced newly developed innovative products which you identified as a solution to a current need: Scope Care Case to reduce avoidable handling and transport concerns, Case Soil Indicator for daily monitoring of the automatic washers and decontamination process, PentaWipes® Surface Cleaning WipesAlcohol Wipes for efficient and effective decontamination of sealed containers and surfaces, a ready to use Endoscopy Bedside Kit for pre-cleaning endoscopes in patient procedure rooms, and TimerTag to provide a visual cue for shelf life of outdated supplies and packs.

“Packaging Myth Busting”

On Tuesday evening after exhibit hours, we participated in the "Beyond Clean" podcast. Case Medical representing Best Practices and patient safety for the reusable container community, Halyard for disposable wrap, and IST for One Tray.

The debate focused on the following: Is the One Tray cycle with retained moisture any different from IUSS or “flash”? Whether containers with no cool down and no dry time are safe for later use or to use at all? Secondarily, whether it is true that wrapped items with opportunity for tears and punctures have a better seal than rigid reusable containers?

We encourage users to get the facts, assess risks, review the standards, and make choices based on empirical data, not “gaslightling” or “factoids.” Watch for the recording of the podcast, do your risk assessment, and do what you believe is best for the patient.