How Healthcare Can Heal the Planet

POSTER How Healthcare Can Heal the Planet

Hint: U.S. EPA Safer Choice labeled cleaners can help

U.S. EPA Safer Choice programThe healthcare industry uses tremendous amounts of energy and other resources across a wide array of activities—from performing life-saving emergency procedures to serving hot meals to visitors on cold days. While maintaining this important work, “green” initiatives can reduce the impact that healthcare facilities have on the environment. Products with the U.S. EPA Safer Choice label, like Case Medical’s  Case Solutions® and SuperNova® line of Instrument Chemistries, help healthcare buyers identify products with certified chemical ingredients, that are safer without sacrificing quality or performance.

Safer Choice means validated efficacy and safety

Case Solutions and SuperNova Safer Choice labeled cleaning productsWhen you see the Safer Choice label on a product, it represents the entire Safer Choice Standard—a set of commitments governing the safest product ingredients, product performance, pH standards, sustainable packaging and more to ensure that products with the label are safer options for human and environmental health. Case Medical offers the only medical instrument cleaning line that carries the Safer Choice label on all its cleaning and lubricating products.

Our commitment to sustainability and best practices

Case Medical has been a partner with US EPA under the Design for the Environment Program beginning in 2011, through the establishment of the Safer Choice label in 2015, continuing now and into the future. We support the program and have been chosen as a Safer Choice Partner of the Year for our instrument cleaning chemistries three times over. We independently validate our instrument chemistries to meet these rigorous standards for safety, effectiveness and environmental preference because it serves our mission: To promote healthier hospitals and patients. View our infographic to see How Healthcare Can Heal the Planet. (Or get a poster-sized file here.)

POSTER How Healthcare Can Heal the Planet

Part of the solution

In December 2019, Marcia Frieze, CEO, will represent Case Medical on a panel at the Safer Choice Partner and Stakeholder Summit, held in conjunction with the Household and Commercial Products Association (HCPA) annual meeting. The Safer Choice Summit provides an opportunity for manufacturers, formulators, and distributors to network, to better understand statutory requirements, and to more effectively promote the Safer Choice program and Safer Choice labeled products for the health and well-being of all consumers.

Join us in supporting best practices and our mission to encourage health care stakeholders to consider safer,  efficacious, and certified products for instrument processing.  To learn more about the Safer Choice program and what your facility can do to heal our planet visit the Case Medical website or go to the U.S. EPA Safer Choice site.