Five Things We're Proud of - 2018 Edition

Proud Moments from 2018

In these final days of 2018, we’d like to reflect on, and share with you, some of this year’s proudest accomplishments at Case Medical. And for each of these accomplishments, we also recognize and thank the many co-workers and collaborators who made it possible. It takes a team to make a difference!

We received a new FDA 510k for the SteriTite® container system with MediTray® products featuring: one (1) year sterile shelf life/maintenance of sterility claim, reduced (5-8 minute) dry time claim for Pre-Vacuum Steam Sterilization, compatibility with Table Top Pre-Vacuum Steam Sterilization (limited sizes).

We implemented Unique Device Identifier (UDI) with 2D barcode on each SteriTite® container produced in late September.

We began offering a variety of cleaning pumps and dispensers, including pre-soak dosing systems, pre-treatment automated foamer, 4-in-1 flexible endoscope cleaning system, and liquid chemical dispensers for automated washers.

We received a patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for the Case Soil® Wash Indicator. Used to test the cleaning parameters of automated or manual cleaning processes, the Case Soil indicator employs a unique mixture of sterile, organic soils on a stainless steel coupon inside a perforated holder to be most closely representative of reprocessing surgical instruments.

We earned ISO 27001 certification as a software developer and revised CaseTrak360® software, our comprehensive program for instrument tracking, reprocessing documentation, and full traceability from instrument set to patient.

Thanks to all who were part of the Case Medical world in 2018. From all of us to all of you, best wishes for prosperity and well-being in the New Year!