Fast terminal sterilization—no compromises required


Reduced dry time in as little as 5 to 8 minutes

Fine Print-1We’ve all seen offers that are too good to be true, where the fine print reveals the catch—that “free lunch” isn’t exactly free. Consider, for example, the claim that certain containers can be stored for later use, without dry time or cool down, even if there is residual moisture. For a reverse on that scenario, we’ll share some of the details of our most recent SteriTite® container FDA 510(k) clearance up front, in a perfectly normal sized font.

SteriTite® Universal Sealed Containers have FDA 510(k) clearance claims for:

      • Reduced dry time claim for pre-vacuum steam sterilization:
        SteriTite Container cleared for 5- to 8-minute dry time"Dry loads will be achieved using a minimum of 5 minutes dry time when using perforated bottom units and a minimum of 8 minutes dry time when using solid bottom units"
      • Compatibility with tabletop pre-vacuum steam sterilization
      • One (1) year shelf life for sterility maintenance

We know that dry sterilization outcomes are ESSENTIAL to minimize the risk of contamination and potential patient harm. And, terminal sterilization is defined by ANSI/AAMI ST77 4.2 as a dry outcome. You can improve your throughput using SteriTite containers with paper filters, cleared for pre-vacuum terminal sterilization with a minimum dry time of five to eight minutes. Simply crack the autoclave door and allow for cool down.

In the rare case where IUSS is required (and properly documented), the SteriTite® container with FlashTite® valves can provide virtually dry results with as few as three minutes of dry time.

SteriTite Container with Paper FIlterSteriTite containers achieve faster drying through superior materials and engineering: aircraft grade, anodized aluminum for better heat conductivity; a patented perforation pattern for better ventilation; and a manufacturing process that ensures a precise fit between lid and base even after years of use.

Case Medical can be a resource for you.  Contact us to discuss how you can optimize dry times without compromising patient safety.