Drop Off, Drop In, Deliver: Don't Let Loaners Disrupt Your Day

SteriTite Container Loaner Drop-in

Make a plan for managing loaner sets

How often do you need to wait for loaners to be processed only to find a tear in the wrapper?! Loaners can disrupt the OR schedule, create undue stress in decontam, and affect patient outcomes when they are not properly processed. Nevertheless, loaners are an important strategy for managing surgical volume. This is where Case Medical can come to the rescue.

Loaner instruments policy and procedure

SteriTite Container for loaner drop inTo ensure that patient safety remains uncompromised, best practice is to create a policy and procedure for handling loaners instruments. SteriTite® containers, originally designed for ortho/spine loaner sets, can be a valuable component of your loaner management approach. This is how they can make a difference. 

  • SteriTite containers are DIN-sized for loaner drop ins.
  • SteriTite containers are made of an aircraft grade anodized aluminum; not only do they dry quickly, they are the ideal containment device.
  • SteriTite containers are cleared for rapid processing by IUSS in a pinch. Better yet simply allow 5 to 8 minutes of dry time. The result? No moisture and a set that is safe for later use.
  • SteriTite containers are universally compatible. No need to worry which method of sterilization to use or if a certain device, like a flexible endoscope, can be processed. Just check the device manufacturer’s IFU and use your SteriTite container.

And, when it comes to packaging, you can count on no tears, no punctures, no wet packs, and no more “re”-reprocessing. When your vendor comes to your facility with loaners 48 hours or less in advance of a procedure, you can be assured that your trays will be securely packaged in SteriTite containers and good to go!

Speed up loaner set processing

If you have loaner sets that frequently pass through your department, a small inventory of appropriately sized SteriTite containers speed loaner set processing and avoid delays. And, if any adjustment needs to be made, we can customize to suit. Contact Case Medical product specialists for help selecting the appropriate containers to meet your needs.