Case Medical Wishes You a Happy and Healthy Holiday!

Case Medical Wishes You a Happy and Healthy Holiday!

The holidays are a time of good food, family fun and of course seasonal songs. Over the years many of the classic tunes have been rearranged and rewritten and, in many cases sound even better.

This is not one of those cases.

However, in the spirit of fun, and with apologies to the original, the following version of the 12 Days of Christmas highlights key steps in medical device processing and includes some (not at all forced) product mentions.


In the first step of processing
you never need to toil
Penta Wipe removes all gross soil

In the second step of processing
Pre-cleaning gets you home
With PentaPrep enzymatic foam

In the third step of processing
Soak away pollution
With PentaZyme 5+ enzyme solution

In the fourth step of processing
Manual cleaning is much greener
When using SuperNova Multi-enzymatic cleaner

In the fifth step of processing
You never need to count
With a CaseMed pump to dose the right amount

In the sixth step of processing
SuperNova is the path
To best results in the ultrasonic bath

In the seventh step of processing
Auto-wash the proper way
In a basket branded MediTray

In the eighth step of processing
Make your pre-wash less traumatic
With SuperNova multi-enzymatic

In the ninth step of processing
Removal is what’s urgent
Use SuperNova NpH detergent

In the tenth step of processing
Free rinse with surety
Using Case Med RO water purity

In the eleventh step of processing
Lubrication is a dream
With Case Medical’s Safer Choice awarded lubricant… InstruCreme

In the twelfth step of processing
Turn to SteriTite
To sterilize your devices right

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Have fun and Happy Holidays from Case Medical.