Case Medical Puts it All Together

Do you ever have wet packs and need absorbent liners to wick moisture? Do you need to extend your dry time to 45 minutes or more to hopefully have a dry load? Do you know whether your container system is compatible with minimally invasive devices, low temperature sterilizers, or even has lumen clearances? While all standards recommend cleaning of medical devices (including containers) after each use, why are some suppliers telling you to simply wipe down containers with germicides and not to wash to avoid rusting?

While stacking is important, do you know that some systems can only be stacked for storage and transport, not in the autoclave, nor cleared for internal stacking of multi­level trays to reduce the number of containers needed? After all, more purchases are better for the supplier, but this does not help your bottom line. And, last but not least, have you assessed the durability of your containers by reviewing your repair and replacement expense? Some suppliers may even have a van that pulls up to your facility to fix those defects, but at a cost.

At Case Medical, we manufacture and provide the healthcare community with containerized systems that are truly durable, universal and have been cleared by FDA for all current sterilizers and medical devices per manufacturer's instructions. With SteriTite containers, you do not need extended dry times, you can stack internally and externally to reduce inventory and save time. Yes, lumen claims have been cleared in our 510k and most importantly, not only are SteriTite containers compatible, they're durable and corrosion resistant. And you can clean, wash, rinse and dry them after each use using a pH neutral detergent.

By the way, aluminum friendly detergents with pH >12 do corrode all aluminum containers, whether anodized or not. In fact, any cleaning solution of a pH > 9 will corrode aluminum and all metals. That is why Case Medical offers Safer Choice Awarded instrument chemistries that are designed for infection prevention, safety and significant cost savings by preserving your instrument inventory.

Contact Case Medical to learn more about our universal containers, Safer Choice instrument cleaners, and how to implement best practices with validated products and services.