Case Medical Makes it Easy!

Are all the instruments in your sets being used? What if there was a way to...

  • Slash instrument set assembly time by more than 10 minutes?
  • Reduce instrument inventory and number of sets sent to the OR?
  • Remove tens of thousands of pounds of instruments annually from reprocessing?
  • Reduce OR time by over 20 minutes?
  • Eliminate wrap?

Case Medical provides a universal container system that replaces wrap and meets surgeon's preferences with a modular tray system that can reduce inventory, organize sets and can be reconfigured to ever changing needs.

As seen in Outpatient Surgery's article, "The Benefits of Build­-to­-Order Instrument Sets, unlock hidden efficiencies when you lighten your instrument trays," creating sets based on surgeon's preference reduces time and increases efficiency. In one given example, 60% of the instruments contained in orthopedic sets were rarely used during cases.

At Case Medical, we specialize in helping healthcare facilities improve organization and simplify their instrument layout using customized modular trays and placing them in our SteriTite universal container. In addition, our CaseTrak360®software tracks instrument sets throughout the reprocessing cycle and allows you to create pick lists and organize preference cards based on usage.

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