Case Medical Counts Down to International CS Week - Number Three

The Countdown Begins!

We ❤ your Commitment!

We love Sterile Processing professionals’ commitment to a challenging and very rewarding job! Processes and standards related to decontamination, proper packaging, sterilization, and the knowledge of instruments from simple to complex requires continuous learning and meticulous attention to detail.

Beyond the reward of a job well done, you and your colleagues are a crucial link in the chain of quality control that helps to keep patients safe and ensure the best patient experience possible while they are at their most vulnerable. In honor of International CS Week, we recognize you and say, “Thank you!” for your commitment, day in and day out.

Helping you with continuing education

Case Medical is committed to developing and implementing relevant educational programs for today’s rapidly changing and evolving health care world. In recognition of the continuing need for education, training and continual quality improvement, Case Medical is pleased to offer Case Academy, an online series of accredited courses for healthcare professionals including popular topics related to endoscope reprocessing.