Bring New Life to Discolored Stainless Steel Instruments

Your eyes don't lie

Stainless steel is a durable metal used for most surgical instruments, designed to help them withstand a tough existence. They are exposed to all manner of organic and inorganic matter. They sit in soiled piles inside trays waiting for decontamination. Some are exposed to damaging chemicals, like alkaline detergents and even saline, causing corrosion over time. Hard water can deposit minerals and solids on devices during cleaning and steam sterilization. Some surgical instruments become damaged beyond repair, but many can be returned to use and to their shiny, like-new appearance.

At the IAHCSMM Conference, our Clinical Manager, Dewey Barker, presented Decontamination Detectives to standing-room-only crowds. As participants collaborated to uncover the cause of the instrument damage in question, the most surprising revelation was not “Whodunnit?” but “How can it be undone?” The answer is Case Solutions® SchmutzOff® Descaler and Stain Remover.

In addition to restoring stainless steel instruments, the SchmutzOff product can be used to remove scale, stains, organic matter, and mineral deposits from automated washer and autoclave walls and other stainless steel surfaces, including counters and carts. As an acid-based cleaner, it is solely intended for use on stainless steel and should be used with the appropriate PPE.  Always follow with a thorough cleaning and rinsing as directed in the manufacturers’ IFU.

The proof is in the pudding when you see the before and after photos. Participants shared their reactions: "It takes everything off the instrument and makes it look clean and shiny." and "It makes a big difference in the look of the instrument." and "It makes the instruments look new."

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