All-In-One Wash Indicator

Wouldn't it be wonderful if there was an all-in-one product that you could use to test your detergent, cleaning process, ultrasonics, automated cleaners, and even soaking bins?

Case Soil Wash IndicatorWith Case Medical's Case Soil® Indicator, there is!

Case Soil Indicator® is the first all-in-one wash indicator that is designed to be used anywhere cleaning solutions are used. It works with all types of detergents and was especially developed for multi-enzymatic cleaners to check the effectiveness of removing different soils whether from orthopedic, general surgery, ENT, or other types of procedures.
Comprised of sterile blood components plus proteins, carbohydrates, and fat on a stainless steel substrate which replicates stainless steel instruments, Case Soil is representative of test soils used to meet medical device reprocessing and FDA requirements.

While some wash indicators are used only to test impingement and some used only to test detergents, Case Soil Indicators® have the ability to monitor all of your equipment as well as multi­-enzymatic cleaning effectiveness for the most efficient product on the market.

Contact Case Medical to start using Case Soil® Indicators for daily and weekly monitoring to test the effectiveness of your equipment today!