Addressing Some of the Most Important Patient Safety Issues

Regardless of position, as healthcare professionals, our job comes down to one thing: the patient. Whether doctor, nurse or sterile processing technician, our goal is to ensure each patient is provided a safe environment. Per Becker's Healthcare, among the 10 top patient safety issues for 2017 are growth of antibiotic resistance, and sterilization and reprocessing issues.

Let us help you check these two off your list.

Antibiotic Resistance: Over-use of antibiotics is the commonly known cause of antibiotic resistance. However, germicides and antibacterial wipes designed to kill bacteria can contribute to the growth of even more resistant organisms. Using these toxic chemicals, often found in the form of germicidal wipes, can contribute to even more resistant bacteria, and have a greater chance of survival by mutating into something even stronger and more deadly.

The solution? Effective cleaning.

Case Medical, a US EPA Safer Choice Partner of the Year provides safer and more effective cleaning chemistries for medical device reprocessing. Our Case Solutions® line includes neutral pH, non­toxic, free rinsing multi-­enzymatic cleaners and detergents designed to eliminate infectious agents before they get a chance to mutate. And yes, they also come in a wipe form to replace the toxic ones that may be sitting at your desk or work station!

Sterilization and reprocessing issues also arise when cleaning is not properly executed and items are not properly sterilized ­ a fatal result of time constraints, ineffective products, and lack of education.

The solution? Case Solutions® and SteriTite® Containers

Validated, Safer Choice awarded chemistries and universal sealed containers that provide faster, more effective results that address each step of the reprocessing cycle and meet the requirements for best practices. High quality products contribute to safer patient outcomes at a significant cost savings.

Contact us today to provide a safer environment for your patients. We are here to help.

The complete list of patient safety issues can be found here: 10 top patient safety issues.