Achievable Sustainability Initiative for your SPD

Free “Performance Improvement Measures” resources for your SPD

The America Hospital Association (AHA) developed the Sustainability Roadmap for Hospitals to identify concrete, measurable actions that contribute to a facility’s overall sustainability goals. Implementation details are dubbed “performance improvement measures” (PIMs); these topics are vendor-, product-, and service-provider neutral and are available for download free of charge.

“Green Light Projects”

A subset of the initiatives—identified as “green light projects”—have been shown to improve performance while also being relatively easy to implement. This is where we find our first highlighted topic: Convert to Rigid Reusable Sterilization Containers.

According to this PIM:

Rigid reusable containers provide a durable, long-lasting, reusable packaging system for sterilization, storage, and transport of medical devices. Switching from disposable blue wrap to rigid reusable sterilization containers saves substantial amounts of money, reduces waste, decreases energy requirements, increases storage space, improves patient safety and instrument reprocessing turnaround time, and has been demonstrated to help the health care organization's bottom line.1

Making the switch with the SteriTite® Universal Sealed Container System

SteriTite-Containers-Stacked-1If this initiative is a match for your facility, Case Medical offers the flexible SteriTite® Universal Sealed Container System with MediTray® accessories. All are reusable medical devices, anodized and passivated for corrosion resistance, DIN-sized for compatibility, and designed for longevity and durability. Our specialists are available to help you determine the sizes and configurations your facility needs.

We’ll share another sustainability initiative next week.

In “Case” you missed it…accelerated dry times in as few as 5 minutes

In June of this year, we announced a new FDA 510k clearance for the SteriTite® container system with MediTray® products. Among other claims, we can now offer a reduced dry time claim for Pre-Vacuum Steam Sterilization:

“Dry loads will be achieved using a minimum of 5 minutes dry time when using perforated bottom units and a minimum of 8 minutes dry time when using solid bottom units”

That compares with a previous minimal dry time of 20-30 minutes. Learn more by reading New Claims for a Safer Outcome on the Case Medical website.

1 Convert to Rigid Reusable Sterilization Containers. Sustainability Roadmap for Hospitals, American Hospital Association website Accessed October 24, 2018.