360° Instrument Processing

A holistic approach to infection prevention

One of the oldest and most widely used design elements in culture, science, art, and architecture is the circle. The circle is a universal symbol that often communicates positive associations including wholeness, perfection, and eternity. For all these reasons, the circle is also an appropriate symbol for SPD departments.

Instrument Reprocessing CycleInstrument processing is not a linear process. It is a circle that starts and ends with safe-to-use, complete, well organized instrument sets for patient care procedures.

In recognition of this fact, Case Medical long ago committed itself to a 360° instrument processing approach. In practical terms that means that Case Medical not only provides SPD departments with products for every phase of the process, it also means the products were designed as a system that makes it easier to sustain quality and continuity throughout the cycle.

Critical steps in the 360° instrument processing approach, and some of the Case Medical products that support them, include:

Pre-Clean – PentaPrep® and Penta Wipes Multi-Enzymatic products

Clean, Rinse, and Dry – SuperNova® Multi-Enzymatic Cleaner, SuperNova® pH Neutral Detergent, Instrument Brushes

Package, Inspect, and Organize – MediTray® Modular System of Inserts and Case Trays

Sterilize – SteriTite® Universal Sealed Container System

Transport and Store – SteriTite® Case Carts and Shelving

Communicate and Track – CaseTrak360® and Loaner Locate® Software

Case Medical’s 360° instrument processing approach delivers benefits in multiple ways.



Our universal SteriTite containers and MediTray trays work together as a system to provide unrivaled security and protection during sterilization, storage, and transport to the OR.

Our Safer Choice awarded instrument chemistries are highly effective cleaners for decontamination of surgical devices, yet safe for patients, staff, and the environment.

Our instrument chemistries work together with our containers to extend their useful life and lower the total cost of ownership.

CaseTrak360° pulls the entire reprocessing system together with a powerful asset management software 
platform that ensures instrument sets are accounted for, complete, and always where they need to be.

Our 360° instrument processing approach ensures quality, compatibility, and safety from the end of one procedure to the start of the next—the full instrument care and use cycle. Contact us any time and we can help you select the ideal products to support your 360° instrument processing approach.