360 Degree Approach

A Holistic Approach to Instrument Reprocessing

Medical device reprocessing is a complex process

It involves prepping, processing, transporting, storing and tracking whatever is needed for a surgical procedure. Most of all, it means ensuring that instrument sets are complete, undamaged and safe to use for patient care. As with any multi-step process, the potential for errors is greatest when transitioning between steps. Key problem areas that threaten outcomes include the use of potentially incompatible products and communication breakdowns between stakeholders involved in the process.

To minimize these risks, Case Medical has developed a 360approach that ensures quality, compatibility and safety from the end of one procedure to the start of the next.

The following summarizes the critical steps in medical device reprocessing and identifies some of the Case Medical products that support them:

Supports Standardization

Health care facilities are increasingly taking a holistic approach to the products they use. For facilities that are interested in standardizing their instrument processing needs, Case Medical’s 360 degree approach provides a comprehensive, compatible and affordable solution. Case Medical is the ideal solution for realizing the benefits of standardization without sacrificing quality and patient outcomes.