3 Things to Consider When Selecting Instrument Tracking Software

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How do you choose?

What comes to mind when you have to make a major purchase? Panic, dread, delay? Do you do what most of us do and follow the Goldilocks Rule?—thinking, the most expensive version might be just too extravagant and the cheap option comes with questions of quality and usually ends with regret. But is something in the middle really “Just right”? At Case Medical, we spend a lot of time thinking about your needs, and what we can do to address them.

What happens when, one day, you get the good news you’ve been waiting for: You have approval to implement instrument tracking software!? Beneath the excitement is a sense of the responsibility you’re taking on: Oh, my goodness! Where to start? Instrument tracking software is a complex undertaking it has long-lasting implications. Know that at Case Medical we have your back, beginning with these three thoughts to consider during your instrument tracking software selection process.

1. Your facility's needs

Okay, it sounds like a no-brainer, and you may question whether it’s necessary (don’t they all do the same thing?), but the very first thing to do is sit down and document your requirements including the pain points you want to address. Consider your workflow, your process for loaner sets, storage areas and constraints, staffing, and any existing software you may already use. Make a list of “must have” features and processes that may be unique to your facility or system. Make sure the software company you consider can adapt to your needs; many out there expect you to adapt to their system


Case Medical’s CaseTrak360® Instrument Tracking Software was designed to scale and flex and meet you where you are. Are you looking for an SPD-only implementation until the OR sees proof of effectiveness or need? No problem. Do you need to start with one facility at a time before rolling out to your entire system? That works, too.  If you are considering a system-wide implementation, might your system administrator require a bird’s eye view? We can do that.

2. Usability 

Usability starts with a user-friendly design— the software should be intuitive and easy to learn, well organized, with navigation that makes sense, even to a new user. Beyond that, look for smart visual cues like color coding, distinct icons for important information, photos, and reminders and references to help keep your department on track.

Prep & Pack Set Assembly

Case Medical’s CaseTrak360 software is designed to mirror the stages in the surgical instrument reprocessing workflow, with a color-coded, intuitive user interface to speed the tracking process. Built-in work instructions with photos provide an easy reference to proper procedures, including prompts and alerts. Decontam, Prep & Pack, and Sterilization sections each feature a master work queue with data visualization that automatically prioritizes and identifies turnarounds and loaner sets to ensure critical sets are processed first. 

3. Real-time, actionable information

Do you know where your sets and critical devices are?  For administrative and manager functions, you need real-time, actionable information to stay on top of the process. A dashboard with key information like turnarounds, loaner set status, or messages from the OR keep you plugged in and focused on your priorities.

Here is where CaseTrak360® software really shines. Its Dashboard View keeps you in the know on priority activities and alerts you to process variations that may require a supervisor’s oversight. You can see real-time set locations, so when you get that call from the OR, you can assure them that the specialty set is heading their way as you speak. With the OR menu, the perioperative team can see the set status themselves and be confident that everything is on track. By the way, CaseTrak360 is configured to use the UDI barcode on each Case Medical SteriTite® container and case cart. CaseTrak360 puts you in charge and in the know!

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